Register as a Public Sector Translator


Dear Colleagues,

We are looking for professional translators (English<>target language) to translate for NHS, NEPO frameworks, local authorities, and NGOs and who have specific expertise in health conditions, wellness, and medicines. We are seeking long-term partners who will provide us with seamless translation services throughout the duration of those contracts which is typically 3-4 years.

The position is for freelance translators, interested in on-demand cooperation in which translators will be paid on a per word basis.



An ideal candidate should:

  • be a fully qualified translator and hold a degree in a target language or a degree in Translation
  • provide evidence of previous experience and/or expertise in written Document Translation, Proof Reading, Audio/Video translation, Transcription, etc.
  • have translated a minimum of 25,000 words in a given specialism
  • manage their workload and meet agreed deadlines with no supervision
  • provide evidence of a DBS check, if applicable


Translator criteria based on project needs (language-subject-deadline-tools). Grading is based on experience and rates. Pricing has 40% weight.  Translators with legal & medical profiles will be contacted more often.


Minimal criteria:

  • hold a minimum of BA in Linguistics or Literature, or similar; or
  • evidence of having translated at least 25,000 words in the field you want to work in
  • at least 2 satisfactory references from other UK agencies,
  • we may ask for a short sample translation,
  • agree to GDPR policy,
  • agree to the T&Cs and the ITI Code of conduct
  • sign the NDA,
  • you are a user of CAT tools,
  • some jobs will require a certain clearance level (DBS etc.)


How to apply

If you are interested to join, please apply by filling in the form below. You will need:

  • your CV and certificates, copy of ID, DBS certificate
  • copy of references
  • the language you are native in and the combinations you work with
  • key areas of specialisation
  • standard rates
  • availability including evenings and weekends
  • whether you accept Paypal or Wise (we do not pay by bank transfer outside UK due to high charges)
  • best contact details for urgent inquiries
  • other information as requested,

Need help?

Email us to quoting PUBLIC2021 for the attention of Sara Lyons or dial +44 (0) 203 086 94 16  ext.7 during working hours.