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The world of global ecommerce has created a new demand for quality, accurate translation. If you’re selling online you no longer need to restrict your potential customer base to your native language. Translating your ecommerce website will help open your shop doors to a far larger customer base than you could ever achieve if your site only provides content in English.

Automatic website translation tools

Despite their popularity, free tools which provide an automatic translation of your website content into other languages rarely give an accurate and grammatically correct rendering of your original text. If you’re relying on machine translation to convert your English ecommerce store into other languages chances are your product descriptions will be very difficult to understand for a local speaker and are going to make your site look un-professional and even un-trustworthy.

If you’re serious about selling to a Non-English speaking market through your website you need a professionally translated website including your ecommerce product descriptions.

From one product to thousands

However large or small your ecommerce product catalogue may be, LingvoHouse can provide you with accurately translated product descriptions in virtually any language you’re likely to be selling to online. We can also assist with the translation of other product data such as size guides, product specifications and ecommerce product feeds.

Marketing support

Once you’ve launched your store in Non-English markets you’ll need to market yourself to local customers and LingvoHouse can also help with a range of marketing translation support services including translations for SEO and PPC campaigns.

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