Translation Company Services Rates & Prices

Translation Company Prices & Rates


Translation Services Rates are charged per word but the rate depends on many factors, that’s why we’d like to have a sight of the document rather than quote blind.

LINGVO HOUSE offers the best value for money service. Our prices are negotiable and we offer discounts for repetitions. There are no set prices, we price up each project to the best possible rate and we will try to meet your budget.


All rates include:

  • 100% human translation by experienced native speaker professional
  • full revision & spell-check
  • quality control by PM
  • preservation of page layout & formatting where possible
  • terms research
  • project management
  • expedited turnaround
  • delivery by email
  • certification & hard-copy if needed


Why do you need the files to provide a quote?

Translation services are priced per word as standard. Please use a Quote Form on the website or email us the files directly, this is the easiest way to get a precise quote quickly free of obligation.

If you do not have files ready or if your enquiry is more complex, please email/call us to discuss how we can help.


How do we work our rate per word?


Required Quality Level

As we translate for all business needs & budgets, we have three service levels on offer. Please see the Service Levels we have on offer for common business enquiries.

Unlike many companies, we do not offer machine translation at all, and our starter “Professional” Translation Level is already of a much higher standard than at other firms, as it’s 100% human professional translation, performed an established fully qualified & vetted native speaker translator with expertise in the subject-matter, full revision & spell-check included.

For complex needs, high-volume translation, regular translation support we will tailor the service level and the price.


The rarity of the language

The rarer the language, the higher the price we charge for the translation. For most common languages such as Spanish, the rate will start from £0.08 per word depending on the level of quality required.


Complexity of work

The price rises with the degree of difficulty. The more specific your text, the higher our rate is. This is to cover time for terms research, creating of term dictionary etc.


Urgent and Off-hours work

Additional fees will be raised for urgent and weekend work. We charge an extra fee of 10-50% depending on the urgency of work.



Higher rate will be charged for translation of non-editable or hard copies, as it takes more time to pattern after the original layout. An additional fee is between 5 and 10%. handwriting & special file formats such as Indesign, XML etc, will also be charged higher as this is time consuming to translate such files.


Minimum charge

Business Customers:

We have a minimum charge for small business orders, this is to cover up admin overheads, which is £75+VAT. We can go a little lower in exceptional cases: deadline, subject-matter & language pair permitting. If you have under 2 pages of text, this is most likely be a minimum charge and you can place the order online.

Private Individuals:

If you are looking to translate a small certificate (i.e. birth, marriage, death or divorce certificate, a diploma, police-check or a no-claims bonus, or a letter, this type of translation is charged at a fixed fee and you can see all prices and place order online here. We do not need you to bring the document in, you can simply upload it online. This will still be a fully certified translation.


Interpreting rates

Each interpreter charges their own fee, and the going rate depend a lot on location. London tends to be more expensive than in counties. Rate vary a lot depending on language and subject matter.

Conference interpreting will be charged at least twice higher than police interpreting. It’s too difficult to price up interpreting online, to discuss in details please contact us


How to get a quote?

We provide FREE language translation quotes on all submitted projects via email. Our project-managers will gladly discuss with you all details, price and deadlines without any obligation on your side.


Payment methods


Accepted: cash, cheque, credit/debit card, bank transfer, bank deposit