Interpreting Agency
in London

Interpreting Agency in London

Being one of the leading translation services providers in the UK LingvoHouse is regularly requested to provide professional and recognised interpreters for major events.

Hand shakeWith LingvoHouse you will get professional expertise in both consecutive and simultaneous or conference interpreting.

You can rest assured you will be provided with the best people.

LingvoHouse has been commissioned on a number of ocassions to provide interpreters for Royal Courts of Justice, World Economic Forum in Switzerland, financial road shows, client pitches and meetings, business meeetings, technical accreditations negotiations and other high-profile events.

Depending on the location, duration, event type and the type of service and number of interpreters required, you will get free non-binding competitive quote.
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Top 3 FAQ on booking an interpreter

  1. When to book
    Interpreters get booked up quickly, so try to book as early as possible.
  2. Location
    We can provide interpreters to work in the UK or to accompany you on a business trip where ever you go. Alternatively, the interpreter can be sourced at your destination subject to availability.
  3. Equipment
    If the venue does not provide equipment, LingvoHouse will take care of it as well.

Should you require a last minute solution for your event, call us today to get the best quote.

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In consecutive interpreting translator translates after one person at a time, interpreting the conversation consecutively. Microphone may be required.

This type of interpreting is usually used for:

  • Court Interpreting
  • Road shows
  • Presentations
  • Business meetings
  • Exhibitions & stands
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Voice-over services
  • Personal interpreter
  • Transcription
  • On-site interpreting


In case of simultaneous interpreting the translator translates what the speaker says at the same time either using microphone and headset in case when the translation is intended for a number of people or by whispering to the sole addressee of the speech.

This type of interpreting is usually used for:

  • Business Events
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Congresses

Simultaneous interpreting requires good concentration and attentiveness, hence interpreters usually change after each 20 minutes.

Depending on the size of the event and number of participants you may need a booth with microphone and headphones and the headphones sets for the participants.