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There’s no reason why a pay-per-click (PPC) or Google AdWords campaign that is successful in one language should not perform equally well when translated into another and targeted at a potential customer base in a different country. Google AdWords/PPC campaign translations need expert handling to ensure that they remain appropriate and effective in another language and that’s where experienced translation agency Lingvo House can help.

Established for over a decade we specialise in translating Google AdWords’ and PPC campaigns for clients seeking to promote their business internationally. Software-based or online translators are ineffective for Google AdWords/PPC campaign translation. We use a global network of native-language-speaking interpreters and translators who possess expertise in online marketing and advertising. When translating your Google AdWords or PPC campaign from one language into another they will take care to ensure that the creativity, message and effectiveness of your campaign are not lost.

Experienced and accredited, our global team of translators enables Lingvo House to accurately and cost-effectively translate Google AdWords and PPC campaigns to and from all of the world’s most commonly-spoken languages. Taking a meticulous approach to the translation of your campaign we carefully and accurately translate every aspect – keywords, slogans, advertising text and landing page copy, if required – to ensure that it works perfectly in a new language. Despite this painstaking approach our expertise and use of the latest translation techniques ensures that we will always complete your project on time, even if you come to us with a last-minute or urgent request.

Don’t leave the success of your Google AdWords/PPC campaign translation to chance; contact the experts at Lingvo House now and prepare for international business success!

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