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Bring Change on a Global Scale

The sustainability sector has grown rapidly in response to the increasing awareness of environmental and social issues, as well as advances in technology that have made it easier to implement sustainable practices. Vantage Market Research revealed that the Global Green Technology and Sustainability Market was worth USD 10.9 Billion in 2021; however, it is projected to be worth an unbelievable USD 44.4 Billion by 2028 with its CAGR increasing exponentially – up to 26.4% – between 2022 and 2028.

Companies that are focused on sustainability are often motivated by a desire to minimize their environmental impact, increase energy efficiency, reduce waste, and improve their reputation with consumers and stakeholders. Part of this process includes sustainable localization: the practice of adapting sustainable products, services, and content to fit local culture and markets.

Translation and localization can play a significant role in helping sustainability-focused companies succeed. By focusing on tailoring their business to local communities, companies can develop innovative solutions that are customised to meet the unique needs of a specific region. This can lead to greater efficiency, lower costs and a more positive impact on the environment and local communities.

What is Sustainable Localization?

Sustainable localization is the practice of adapting products, services, and content to fit local cultures and markets. If you run a business in the sustainability sector, localization can be a powerful tool for international expansion. By researching local cultures, practices and languages, you can create content that is tailored specifically for a given market and build trust with local customers.

Localization services can include translation and localization, design localization, engineering localization, and cultural consulting. Translation and localization – which we are going to talk about here – involve the translation of content into multiple languages, as well as adapting it to suit local customs and culture. This process involves not only translating the words but also ensuring that the content is meaningful to local audiences and reflects their values and preferences.


How Can Localisation Benefit My Business?

What Technologies Can Help with Localization?

Is It Worth Investing in Sustainable Localization?

Absolutely! Investing in language localization services helps sustainability-focused businesses expand into new markets and reach a wider audience. By understanding local cultures, languages, and customs, businesses can create content that works on a local level.

Sustainability is a global concern and localization is a great way to make sure that your sustainability message reaches a wide range of local markets. By investing in localization services, you can ensure that your business is accessible and relevant to local communities, build relationships with customers, and create a positive impact in the long-term.

Language localization services also help you save money over time. Working with a localization agency can make sure that your content is high quality and accurately adapted to different markets. As a result, you can avoid costly mistakes while also making sure your message is effectively communicated to an international audience.


Localization for Sustainability-Focused Companies that Want to go Global

Partner with a Localization Agency and Tap into New Markets

Localization services provide sustainability-focused companies with the opportunity to expand into new markets and reach a wider audience. But managing a localization project alone can be daunting for any company. That’s why it’s optimal for businesses to partner with a localization agency when taking their brand global.

Working with an experienced and qualified localization team helps you manage your project from start to finish, ensuring that your content is accurately adapted to different markets and delivered on time. When you work with a localization agency, you get:

● Quality translations and localizations that are accurate, culturally relevant, and tailored for different markets

● Expert advice about local cultures, languages, customs, and best practices

● A dedicated team of localization professionals who can manage your project from start to finish

● A comprehensive solution that covers translation, design localization, and cultural consulting

● Cost savings through streamlined processes and efficient management.

If you’re looking to expand into new markets, localization services can help you do it quickly and effectively. Partnering with a qualified localization agency is the best way to ensure that your content is accurately adapted to different markets and delivered on time.


How Can Sustainable Localization Benefit My Company?

There are many immediate and tangible benefits for companies that invest in localization services, especially for those focused on sustainability. It’s not simply a matter of increasing revenue – localization services can help your business make a positive impact on local markets and communities that may have previously been inaccessible. Here are just a few of the benefits that you can expect to experience when investing in localization services below.

Engage with Local Communities

Sustainable businesses rely on being able to connect with local communities to make real changes to the way that people impact the global environment. It’s a mutual relationship – businesses can’t thrive without the support of local communities, and those same communities need sustainable businesses to thrive in order to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Creating content that is accessible and relevant to local markets is a great place to start building this connection, and localization services can help you do that.

Improve Your Brand Reputation

In a world where distrust in corporate entities is high, building a reputation of trust and transparency is essential for sustainable businesses. Investing in localization services can help you to earn the trust of your audience by speaking their language.It shows that you understand local cultural norms, and demonstrates that your business is committed to making a real difference in the communities you serve.

Increase Your Global Reach

Environmental sustainability is a global concern, so why would you want to restrict your reach to just one market? Localization services help you expand into new markets much faster and more cost-effectively than trying to do it without adapting your products, services, and marketing materials.  This means that you can reach a wider audience, increase your customer base, and maximise the impact of your sustainability initiatives.

Better Understanding of Local Markets

What works in one region, might not work in another. Localization services help you gain a better understanding of local markets so that you can adapt your product or service offering to meet the needs of specific countries, regions, and communities. This understanding can also help you to make more informed decisions about business growth and marketing strategies, giving you a distinct advantage in local markets.

Enhance Stakeholder Relationships

Localization services can also help you to foster better relationships with stakeholders in foreign markets. Effective localization helps to bridge the language and cultural divide between businesses, making it easier to engage with customers, partners, investors and other key stakeholders around the world. Ultimately, localization services are an essential part of any company’s sustainability strategy. By investing in localization services, you can improve the quality of your content, engage with local communities, increase your global reach and build stronger connections.


How Can Your Company Deliver Effective Sustainable Localization?

It takes more than a simple translation to ensure that your localization efforts are successful. Nuance, cultural sensitivity, and accuracy are key to delivering effective localization services. As such, it’s often necessary to partner with a localization services provider to ensure that your content is adapted to the local market in a way that meets or exceeds industry standards. Here are a few tips to ensure that your localization efforts are successful:

● Research the local market and culture. This includes understanding the language as well as local customs, trends, and preferences.

● Use professional translation services to ensure accuracy and nuanced understanding of the local language.

● Utilise localization testing tools to ensure your content is delivered accurately and functioning properly.

● Partner with a localization services provider who can provide additional support and guidance as needed.

With the right localization strategy, you can bring your sustainability initiatives to life and make a real difference in local communities around the world. It’s a gateway to a deeper level of engagement with global stakeholders and helps to expand the visibility and reach of your business.

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Which Technologies Can Help with Sustainable Localization?

There are a variety of technologies that will help with localization and sustainability efforts, all of which can greatly speed up the process and reduce costs. Here are a few examples of the localization solutions that may be used as part of the translation and localization process below.

Translation Management Systems (TMS)

These are software solutions that help to automate the localization process and simplify the management of translation projects. They can streamline processes such as quality assurance, terminology management, file formatting, and more.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

These systems help to manage the content created for website localization purposes, making it easier to store and organise documents, images, audio files, and other media. Your localization agency can also use these tools to collaborate and share files with you in real-time.

Machine Translators (MT)

MT solutions help to automate the translation of large volumes of content, freeing up valuable time for linguists and project managers. MT solutions are available in many different languages and can be used to localize website content, product descriptions and more – quickly and accurately.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP technology helps to analyse text and understand its context, which can be used to improve translation and localization accuracy and reduce post-editing time. In addition to this, NLP can be used to detect and identify language-specific nuances in content, helping to ensure the localization is culturally appropriate.

Reporting Tools

Reporting tools are used to track translation and localization progress and ensure that the localization project is meeting its goals. These tools provide detailed insights into each stage of the localization process, allowing for better planning and management.

Project Management Software

Project management software is useful for managing localization company projects from start to finish. This helps to ensure that the process is completed on-time and meets the quality standards set out by the company. These tools can also be used to assign tasks, collaborate with team members, and monitor project progress.

Content & Design Integration Tools

Integration tools are also used to integrate localized content into the design of websites, applications, and other digital products. This helps to ensure the localization is delivered with the same look, feel, and functionality as the original version.

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