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Fintech is a relatively new industry, but its impact on the global financial landscape is immense. Growing at a compound annual rate of approximately 25% per year, it’s projected that this thriving industry will be worth around US$324 billion by 2026. But with this incredible growth comes increased competition, and fintech companies are no longer operating in an uncontested market space. For any company in this industry to capture market share and achieve success, it’s essential to focus on fintech localization – the process of adapting your financial technology products and services for different international markets.

When you speak directly to customers in their own language and culture, you build trust and foster better relationships. In this way, localizing your fintech products and services can help you reach a global audience and expand your customer base, providing your fintech business with the critical leg up it needs to compete in this fast-paced industry. Here we explore in more detail the ins and outs of fintech localization, explain the key steps for a successful translation localization project and highlight some of the best practices for success.

What is Fintech Localization?

Fintech localization is about creating local customer experiences for a global audience. It involves the adaptation of products and services to suit local markets, including translating content into their native language and making sure the product or service is culturally appropriate. Some of the most common aspects that need to be adapted include website content, mobile apps, marketing materials, customer service portals, legal documents, and user interfaces.

To ensure the highest quality fintech localization results, it’s important to carefully research each target market and understand the preferences of the local customer. The aim is to create a localized version of your content that presents a familiar, comfortable, and trustworthy experience. You’re not just speaking their language – you should be speaking their culture too. This is why it’s important to adapt your content in a way that goes beyond simple translation. A marketing message, which might resonate in a North American market might completely miss the mark in South-East Asia. Nuance, subtle understanding, and cultural context are all important considerations when delivering localization solutions.

How Can Localization Benefit My Business?

What Technologies Can Help with Localization?

Is Fintech Localization Worth the Investment?

It’s hard to disregard the potential rewards of localization. Fintech companies that invest in localization can unlock entire markets that may have been completely closed off previously. Would you be able to launch your fintech product in Germany or France if you only had marketing material in English? Probably not.

By localizing, you open up a world of potential customers and revenue opportunities that weren’t accessible before. Translation localization also allows you to build brand loyalty and trust, which is especially important in the financial services sector. Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they feel comfortable and familiar with the product or service, and localized content can help you build that relationship. When you speak your customer’s language, they can see that your brand is making the effort to intentionally capture their attention. It fosters a bond of trust and mutual understanding that is often particularly lacking within the financial technology sector.

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Fintech Localization for Growing Companies

Break Invisible Barriers by Partnering with a Localization Services Provider

Finding the right partner to help you manage your fintech localization project can make all the difference. A good translation and localization agency will be able to help you navigate the complexities of global markets and ensure that your content is localized correctly. They can provide insight into the different cultural nuances of each market and help you create content that resonates with local customers. You’ll get:

  • Professional translation and localization services tailored to your fintech brand
  • Access to a team of experienced localization experts
  • Quality assurance processes and tools to ensure accuracy
  • A comprehensive range of services, including website localization, app localization, and marketing translation
  • Dedicated project managers who can help you manage your project

The best partners offer more than just translation services – they can provide guidance on every stage of the localization process, extending from selecting the right languages to post-project evaluation. You’ll have a localization agency by your side to handle every aspect of the localization process. This includes everything from research and strategy to language translation, design localization, and content adaptation.

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How Can Localization Benefit My Fintech Business?

Translation and localization can benefit your fintech business in many ways. It can help you break down barriers and access new markets, build stronger relationships with customers, and increase the impact of your marketing messages. With the right partner to help you manage your localization project, you can unlock a world of potential customers and revenue opportunities. Let’s break down some of these benefits in more detail below

Access New Markets

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of fintech localization is that you can open the door to entirely new markets. Without localized content, many customers simply won’t be able to understand or engage with your product. Localizing your content allows you to reach a global audience, no matter where they are in the world. You can begin growing your customer base in countries that were previously closed off and start generating revenue from these new markets.

Build Stronger Relationships with Customers

Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they feel comfortable and familiar with your product. Website localization can help you build those strong relationships with customers, by speaking to them in their own language. It shows that your brand is making the effort to facilitate their customer journey, creating a better experience for everyone.

Increase the Impact of Your Marketing

Of course, English is the language of business. But there is still over 75% of the global population who don’t speak English at all. Imagine how much more impactful your marketing messages could be if they were localized into other languages. Translation localization has the power to supercharge your marketing and help you reach even more customers.

Enhance Your Brand’s Reputation

Legitimacy and credibility are key in the fintech industry and localization solutions can help you gain both. It’s a field that is often low on trust, so having a strong brand reputation is essential. Showing customers that you care enough to localize your product into their own language can help to boost your brand’s reputation and create an identity that is recognizable worldwide. Your audiences will appreciate the effort you put into localizing your product and your brand will have a more cohesive global presence.

Generate More Revenue

Ultimately, localization is one of the more powerful revenue drivers in the fintech industry. If your brand’s goal is more rapid adoption and revenue growth, app and website localization can give you the extra edge you need. It quickly breaks down regional barriers and can help you reach new customers that you never even knew existed. If you want to maximize your profits by expanding into new markets, localization should be an integral part of your strategy.

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How Can I Deliver the Right Fintech User Experience?

Translation and localization are a delicate process. It’s not a one-time event – rather, it’s a continuous journey that requires constant monitoring, adaptation, and refinement to ensure your product remains relevant in new markets.

Companies must tread carefully or face the risk of alienating customers and damaging their brand’s reputation. Sometimes what seems like a simple matter of translation can go quite wrong if not done correctly. Every language has its own nuances, phrases, and cultural subtleties that must be taken into account. Imagine the embarrassment of getting your message wrong and offending customers in the process.

The key is to tailor each localization project for your target audience and consider their unique cultural and linguistic differences. It’s not just about the text they see on the screen, either. You must also consider other factors such as images, illustrations, and regional references that might need to be adapted to fit each market. Do the pictures on your website represent the cultural norms of the country you are targeting? Does your translation reflect the local dialect and colloquialisms?

These are all questions that companies must consider when going through the localization process. Translation is only one part of the puzzle – high-quality localization solutions require a multi-pronged approach. By taking the right steps and working with an experienced localization agency, you can localize your product, build trust with customers, and make a global impact.

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What Technologies Can Help with Fintech Localization?

Nothing beats the human ability to localize content accurately and correctly. They can pick up on the cultural references and regional dialects that automated translation tools often miss. However, we are living in the era of sophisticated translation tools and these technologies can be a major asset to the translation and localization process. By combining the latest tech with human experience and expertise, you can achieve the highest quality localization services possible. Here are some of the most popular and powerful localization technologies on the market today.

Translation Management Systems (TMS)

TMS tools make it possible for companies to coordinate and manage their localization solutions more effectively. They automate and streamline many of the menial tasks involved in the process, such as tracking progress, budgeting, and language quality control.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

With CMS tools, companies can create and update content across their website while accurately tracking performance of each version. This not only simplifies the management process but also enables businesses to monitor localized content from a single platform.

Machine Translation Engines

Machine translation engines can be a great asset to the localization process, as they save time and reduce costs by automating much of the translation and localization work. They can be particularly helpful for simple translations, or when you need to quickly localize large volumes of text.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP technologies combine machine translation with machine learning. This makes it possible for outputs to become more accurate and contextualized over time, as the algorithms learn from natural human language.

Reporting Tools

Reporting tools are a great way to track the performance of localized content. They provide detailed analytics and insights into how your product is performing in different markets, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions that drive growth.

Project Management Software

You can use project management software to coordinate localization projects between different teams and stakeholders. This helps companies stay organized and ensure that everyone is on the same page throughout the process.

Content & Design Integration Tools

Content and design integration tools are used to ensure that localized content is properly embedded within the design of the product. This guarantees that users have a seamless and consistent experience, no matter what language they are using.

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We are also dedicated to delivering the highest quality translations possible, as we understand the importance of accuracy and consistency in fintech localization. Our specialists use the latest technologies and tools to ensure that your product is localized quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

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