Transcription Services for Businesses: Same language or with Translation


As a specialist transcription agency, we provide highly-accurate transcription services, led by a team of professional native-level transcribers. We support businesses across a variety of industries to transcribe audio and video content into text format. Our audio and video transcription services allow every voice to be heard no matter the language by eliminating communication barriers within your business operations.

Transcription Solutions
for every customer

Same Language Transcription Services

  • English Audio & Video transcription
  • Audio & Video transcription in other languages (available for over 300 languages)
  • Verbatim Transcription (transfers the spoken word exactly how it is heard)
  • Clean Transcription (omits non-verbal or so-called “filler words” and any other irrelevant content to make it more presentable to readers)
  • Professional transcription services, which guarantee high quality, on-brand communications
  • Time-coded script creation on demand

Transcript Translation Services

  • English/Foreign Language Audio & Video Transcription + Translation into other languages (available for over 300 languages)
  • Verbatim Transcript Translation 
  • Clean Transcript Translation
  • Professional transcription and translation services which guarantee high quality, on-brand communications
  • Time-coded script creation on demand
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Transcription Translation Service Plans

Auto-generated Transcript Solutions

Audio & video file transcription can be produced rapidly & cost-efficiently thanks to our cutting-edge AI-powered tools. For high-volume projects requiring fast output times, we offer a choice of AI-based Transcription only or Transcription with Translation solutions.

AI Transcription + Human Post Edit

£6 p/min
  • Cutting-edge auto-generated transcript
  • Edited by a professional native speaker 
  • Affordable service to convert your audio or video to a TXT, VTT, or SRT file
  • Rapid output time
  • Smart workflow to lower overheads 
  • Scalable service for high-volume needs

AI Transcription & Translation + Human Edit

£8 p/min
  • Cutting-edge auto-generated transcript
  • Edited by a professional native speaker 
  • AI translation of the output transcript
  • Edited by a human linguist
  • Rapid output time
  • Fast and affordable service to translate audio or video content to another language

Human Transcription Services

Audio & video files requiring high-quality file-to-text output require human transcript & translation services. Choose between Economy or Pro level service plans to suit every type of project, or talk to us for tailor-made agile solutions.

Human Same Language Transcription

£8 p/min
  • Transcription of video or audio by a native speaker linguist
  • Proofread & spell-checked by the same person
  • Common file formats supported
  • Fast but accurate agency-level service
  • 24/7 Customer Service

Human Transcription & Translation Economy

£15 p/min
  • Professional translation of video or audio by expert native speaker linguists 
  • Proofread & spell-checked
  • Turnaround to match business needs
  • Common formats supported
  • Expert project-management 
  • 24/7 customer service

Human Transcription & Translation Pro

£20 p/min
  • Professional translation by expert native speaker linguists 
  • Additional proofreading & editing
  • Turnaround to match business needs
  • Common formats supported
  • Expert project-management 
  • 24/7 customer service

Subject to a minimum charge of £75+VAT. Prices may vary depending on the language requested. AI services are available for specific project types.



We deliver video and audio transcriptions in over 300 languages, which can then be translated into any other language of your choice. We work with some of the world’s leading brands, providing high-quality transcriptions and translations that allow them to embrace a global market. Rest assured that your message is accurately conveyed to your target audience in their native language. For bespoke on-demand solutions that cater to various business needs, talk to an adviser.

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More Complex Enquiry?

For regular translation support, large projects, CMS, specific format or extra urgent translation, or any other complex solution, please contact us today to discuss how we can help in your native language (German, Spanish, English).

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Go Further With The Budget


  • best for clients with a sizable volume
  • needing a secure capacity solution for ad-hoc translation
  • charges can be based on any volume metrics
  • the client gets predictable pricing
  • pricing is discounted pro-rata to the output volume
  • bundles & Scope are tailored to customer’s needs
  • scope & packages are fully customised.

Translation Recycling Discounts

The benefits of Translation Memory allowing recycling of previous translation for the customer:

  • Fully transparent costings
  • Clients do not pay the full rate to translate the same segments.
  • Clients get substantial discounts from similar segments and segments repeated in the source content.
  • There is a consistency in style and terminology, hence translations to not only be accurate but also aligned with the client’s preferred and distinctive style and terminology.

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  • What an amazing hassle free experience working with LingvoHouse, Federica Bonomi could not have been more helpful arranging translation of an important document, very professional, excellent translation and good value. I cannot recommend LingvoHouse highly enough and will definately use them in future and advise anybody seeking translation services to head in their direction. This company goes above and beyond to ensure that they provide the best possible service.

    Jan Langbein Avatar Jan Langbein
    24th May 2020
  • For someone needing personal documents translated and no previous experience of such things I would definitely recommend this company. Sarah Mangar responded quickly and professionally to additional queries I had. Fast, professional service!

    Jennifer Shaw Avatar Jennifer Shaw
    22nd May 2020
  • I am very satisfied with the service provided by Lingvo House Translation Services Ltd. The all process was straight forward; in few minutes I was able to get the quote, paid an affordable amount and had the papers sent to be translated. The customer service during the translation process is excellent, and I got the translated document on time. I can just thank the all team for their professionalism and I highly recommend their service.

    Dulceneia Gomes Avatar Dulceneia Gomes
    29th April 2020
  • Fast response, great communication and excellent service! Remarkably accurate translation. Will use it again and recommend to all without hesitation.

    Anamaria Golemac Powell Avatar Anamaria Golemac Powell
    28th April 2020
  • Only had excellent experiences with this company. Extremely professional, clear communication, prompt payment. I recommend working for them.

    Tom Kundert Avatar Tom Kundert
    17th April 2020
  • Lingvo House Translation Services Ltd are an example of how professionalism, quality, price and excellent customer service can be achieved by a company. Federica is such a great communicator that even if everything was done virtually, I felt their personal touch. I required Spanish-English translations in two different occasions and they were delivered promptly while their price was better than 3 other quotes I had received. Will definitely use again.

    Carolina Castro Avatar Carolina Castro
    18th March 2020
  • I highly recommend Lingvo House Translation Services Ltd. Their project managers are highly effective and responsive PMs. Payment is accurate and prompt. I would not hesitate to work with them again.

    Mohammad Khalid Avatar Mohammad Khalid
    17th February 2020
  • Lingvo House are nothing if not consummate professionals. We have worked with them for 6 months now and the services is excellent and the delivery even better. They have a "can do attitude".

    CW Erichsen Avatar CW Erichsen
    21st January 2020
  • Very fast response and smooth communication. Saurav was very helpful and managed to finish my documents in a day with very good quality. Price is very affordable in comparison to other companies I’ve contacted, this was cheaper with professional delivery. Highly recommended!

    Duha A. Avatar Duha A.
    21st January 2020
  • Had great service from Lingvo House. They are friendly, efficient, professional and very responsive. I would recommend them to everybody that might need help with translations of documents.

    Joyce Willett Avatar Joyce Willett
    11th January 2020

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