LingvoHouse Translation Services Ltd.
Registered Office: 131-133, Cannon Street, London, EC4N 5AX.

1. Translation service is a custom unique service for each specific client and you are being charged for translator’s working time to translate your document. Therefore,unless there’s something wrong with translation itself, we are not able to refund your translation order after the translation is finished.

2. If you need to cancel for any reason please email us to quoting your order number, and if the translation is not yet started we may be able to refund.

3. Please note however that although the turnaround is quoted as 1-2 working days, some translations are finished as early as within one hour of receiving the order. Therefore,we may not be able to refund even if you email cancelation request quickly.

4. In unlikely event there’s anything wrong with translation, such as there’s a typo, or missing translation, please email us first quoting your order number and pointing out the error.

5. We will correct the error right away and send you back the correct document. If we are not able to do corrections same day, we will offer you a refund.

6. Please note that we do not accept complaints regarding spelling of names, addresses and places, unless you have provided typed version of such data at the point of placing the order.

7. If a refund is agreed, it will be made via cheque or Paypal payment.

In unlikely event there is a fault with translation order on our side we may be able to refund your order partially or in full in line with our T&Cs depending on the circumstances. There will be no need for you to ship back the bound copy of our translation order. You may keep it or discard it as you think fit. Therefore there will be no shipping costs associated with the refund, and no tracking details needed.