Work for LingvoHouse


Dear Colleagues,

We are currently looking for:

  • new translators to work for us on a regular freelance and ad-hoc basis Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Japanese & Italian
  • proofreaders
  • editors across a range of sectors for marketing materials


If you are interested to join, please email us:

  • your CV and cover letter, which includes:
  • the language you are native in and the combinations you work with
  • top 3 key areas of specialization
  • standard rates
  • turnaround per day
  • availability including evenings and weekends
  • whether you accept Paypal or Wise (we do not pay by bank transfer outside UK due to high charges)
  • best contact details for urgent inquiries



Translator criteria based on project needs (language-subject-deadline-tools). Translators with legal & marketing profile will be contacted more often.

Mandatory criteria:

  • you have to be a member of ITI, CIOL, NRPSI, DPSI, PROZ or similar,
  • hold a minimum of BA in Linguistics or Literature,
  • have at least 5 years of continuous professional practice as a full-time freelance translator,
  • at least 2 satisfactory references from other UK agencies,
  • we may ask for a short sample translation,
  • agree to GDPR policy,
  • sign the NDA,
  • you are a user of CAT tools.


To work for us regularly we will require a copy of your ID, CV, diplomas, and certificates, and our Supplier Questionnaire filled in online for security reasons.




See our Proz LWAs


Warning about Hoax Emails (phishing scams)

Recently there have been incidences of hoax e-mails fraudulently using the Lingvohouse Translation Services name and we are warning suppliers to be aware.
These emails use the Lingvohouse logo and copyright to notify suppliers about job offers, etc. asking to pass a translation test and send personal data by e-mail.LingvoHouse website address and e-mail source address (the sender, “From:”) is If a suspicious email is received, we ask suppliers to heed caution and not to access links or send their personal data.