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the Power of AI-Translation

Machine translation meets human expertise to deliver highly accurate translations with record turnaround times. Here at Lingvo House, we provide cutting-edge AI-powered translation and machine translation post-editing (MTPE) services to businesses and organisations around the world. Our systems use state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks to analyse vast amounts of data. The result? Translating text from one language to another with high levels of accuracy and speed. Whether you need to translate marketing materials, website content, legal documents, or other text-based content, our team of expert linguists can help you deliver accurate, high-quality outcomes.

What is AI-Translation?

AI-translation is the latest advancement in neural machine translation technology.  Unlike regular machine translation, such as Google Translate, NMT uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms to quickly analyse and translate text from one language to another. At Lingvo House, we leverage the power of AI-translation to process high volumes of text-based content quickly and accurately for our clients. This allows us to deliver results faster than traditional translation methods.

That said, it’s important to note that AI-powered translation does not replace human expertise. Despite its many benefits, AI translations may still require further review and editing by our team of expert linguists before they are ready for publication.

Difference between Google Translate & NMT    Benefits of AI Translation

Self-Service Machine Translation

What is Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE)?

MTPE, or machine translation post-editing, is a process that combines the power of AI-translation with human editing and reviewing to produce high-quality translations. At Lingvo House, we offer different levels of MTPE support to meet the needs of our clients.

This extends from basic AI-translation services to comprehensive MTPE packages that offer end-to-end support throughout the entire translation process. When you need fast, high-volume translations combined with expert-level post-editing services, you can rely on our agile team of experienced linguists to deliver consistent results.

Our Editing Strategies Explained

AI & MTPE Services Levels

Raw AI Translation

In our most basic MT services package, we utilise our fully automated AI-translation tools to deliver fast results with minimal human involvement. This service is ideal for organisations that require high-volume, fast-turnaround translations with minimal guidance from our team of linguists. However, LingvoHouse brings on the table in-depth project-management expertise, starting from content preparation and up to API integrations to minimise internal costs & time-to-market for the business.

Why use a translation company for machine translation?


Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE)

We offer several different editing strategies to help meet the unique needs of our clients. Depending on your translation requirements and budget, we can help you to develop a custom editing strategy that leverages the power of AI-translation for faster results.


Our light editing strategy is ideal for businesses and organisations that require fast translations for large volumes of simple content such as marketing materials, product descriptions, and web copy. This strategy uses AI-translation algorithms to quickly analyse and translate text from one language to another, with basic editing and review performed by our expert human linguists. Some elements of the text may need to be manually adjusted for greater clarity and accuracy.


With our full editing strategy, our team of linguists work closely with clients to provide comprehensive post-editing services for high-volume translations. This includes assessing and adjusting the translated text based on the unique requirements of your content and context as well as more thorough editing to improve grammar, syntax, and overall readability.


Our expert editing strategy is designed for complex translations that require a high level of linguistic expertise. Our experienced linguists and subject matter experts will work closely with you to produce accurate, culturally appropriate translations that are ready for publication. Whether you need support with legal or medical documents, complex technical manuals, or multilingual website localisation, our expert editing services will help you to deliver results that are both nuanced and precise.

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Machine Translation or Human Translation?

When it comes to your choice of translation services, there are a few factors you need to consider. Ultimately, the choice between machine and human translation will depend on your budget, turnaround requirements, and the complexity of your content.


Though AI-powered translation can offer faster turnaround times and lower costs, it cannot always produce the same level of accuracy and quality as human translation. If you need high-quality, accurate translations that are customised to a specific tone and context, human translation may be the best option for you.


However, our MTPE services offer an excellent alternative for businesses and organisations that are looking for fast, cost-effective translations. With our comprehensive post-editing support, you can get the best of both worlds: high-quality translation results delivered quickly and efficiently.

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Self-Service Machine Translation

At Lingvo House, we understand that businesses and organisations have a wide range of translation needs that can extend from simple marketing materials to complex technical documentation. That is why we offer access to the NMT engines, which enables our enterprise clients to translate their content quickly and easily without the need for a dedicated translator. We will, however, provide a project management to guide you through the process, help OCR & prepare the content, and answer any questions you may have along the way. Fees apply. With our self-service machine translation, you can get fast, high-quality results at an affordable price. Simply upload your content to the platform, choose the target language and style of translation, and let our advanced algorithms do the rest.

What is the difference between Google Translate, NMT & MTPE?

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AI & MTPE Service Plans

Auto-generated (Raw)

£0.015 p/w
  • cutting-edge AI translation 
  • latest NMT engines
  • cost-effective
  • large volumes within hours
  • ideal for internal content
  • self-service
  • project-management if needed
  • integrations

Light MTPE

£0.06 p/w
  • cutting-edge AI translation 
  • latest NMT engines
  • cost-effective
  • light-edit by a human linguist
  • ideal for non-critical user content
  • expert project-management*
  • integrations**


£0.07 p/w
  • cutting-edge AI translation 
  • latest NMT engines
  • cost-effective
  • in-depth editing by a professional linguist
  • ideal for high-volume urgent jobs
  • expert project-management*
  • integrations**

Specialist MTPE

£0.08 p/w
  • cutting-edge AI translation 
  • latest NMT engines
  • cost-effective
  • in-depth editing by a specialist linguist
  • ideal for high-volume urgent jobs
  • expert project-management*
  • terminology research & management
  • integrations**

* **  fees apply

What are the Benefits of AI Translation?

AI translation is changing the way we approach translation today by delivering faster results with a greater degree of accuracy.

Higher Efficiency

Compared to traditional translation methods, AI-powered translation allows for faster turnaround times with consistent results.

Lower Costs

By minimising human involvement throughout the translation process, machine translation providers can drastically reduce costs for businesses and organisations.

Greater Productivity

With MTPE for business, organisations can focus their resources on other areas of their operations outside translation. It helps deliver higher levels of productivity overall.

More Consistency

One of the biggest benefits of AI-powered translation is that it helps ensure greater consistency across translations, meaning your content is always accurate and coherent.

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Why Work with Lingvo House?

At Lingvo House, we’ve been delivering high-quality translation and localisation solutions for businesses and organisations around the world for many years. Our team of expert linguists and project managers provide personalised service and ensure that your translation needs are met quickly and efficiently. We maintain competitive pricing and flexible service options so that you can get the exact level of support you need.


Agile, responsive, and precise — this is what sets us apart. With our comprehensive range of services, including self-service machine translation and MTPE for business, we’re perfectly positioned to help you overcome all your translation challenges. So why wait? Book a consultation today and let our expert team propel you towards your translation goals.

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What is machine translation and how does it work?

Machine translation refers to the use of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence tools to automatically translate text from one language to another. This is done through a process called statistical analysis, which evaluates large amounts of source content to identify patterns and predict the most likely translation outcomes.


How does post-editing fit into the process?

Machine translation post-editing involves reviewing and revising machine-translated content to produce a more accurate and high-quality final product. This is performed manually by experienced translators who have specialist knowledge of both source and target languages. Often, subject-matter experts are also involved in this process to ensure that the content is accurate and appropriately adapted to the target audience.


Who should consider using machine translation services?

Machine translation providers help businesses and organisations of all sizes and industries overcome their translation challenges. MTPE services can handle large volumes of content quickly and at an affordable price, making them a great option for companies that need to translate lots of content regularly.


However, machine translation does not always produce perfect results and may require post-editing to achieve high-quality output. Organisations that require very precise, nuanced and contextually aware translations may want to consider a different approach, such as traditional human translation.


How fast are your turnaround times?

Our turnaround times can vary depending on the size and complexity of your project, but we generally offer fast turnaround times of just a few hours or days. If you choose to use our self-service machine translation platform, you can get your content translated in just a few clicks and receive the results in almost no time at all.


However, if you opt for one of our MTPE packages, it will take longer to receive your translations — depending on the length and complexity of the document and the level of editing required. Regardless of your chosen service, we always work to ensure fast and reliable turnaround times so that you can get the results you need, when you need them.



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