Pharmaceutical Industry Translation
based in London

In the twenty-first century clinical trials, the development, regulatory authorisation, and production of new drugs and their subsequent marketing are multinational projects which invariably require collaboration and information-sharing between two or more different countries.

Translating pharmaceutical industry materials from one language to another with 100% accuracy is clearly of critical importance to public safety, and should be entrusted to professionals. London-based translation agency Lingvo House specialises in pharmaceutical industry translation, and offers the in-house expertise, experience and quality control procedures to ensure that every translation of pharmaceutical information is conducted meticulously, accurately and to the highest standard.

Lingvo House has access to a worldwide network of fully accredited interpreters and translators with specialist medical and pharmaceutical knowledge. Each excels at pharmaceutical industry translation of the utmost accuracy and their combined skills enable the translation of pharmaceutical documents to and from all of the world’s most commonly spoken languages.

Our clients rely on us not only for pharmaceutical industry translations of the highest standards but also for exceptional customer services, timely completion of their project and providing value for money. We offer twenty-four hour Customer Services accessibility and have the flexibility to handle urgent or short-notice pharmaceutical industry translation projects regardless of their size or complexity. We are adept at translating pharmaceutical documents with 100% accuracy, including toxicology reports, clinical studies, manufacturing specifications, user information, case studies, data sheets and any other associated texts.

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