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Latest Customer Reviews

  • review rating 5  After asking quotes to many other agencies (Italian-English translation), I was about to give up for crazy prices...I asked quotes in Italy, the prices were even higher. Then unexpectedly I was SO HAPPY to get an email from Lingvo House with a reasonable and affordable quote. What's more is their SUPER EFFICIENT and FAST SERVICE, I was impressed and I am TOTALLY SATISFIED by the accuracy of the translations and the prompt replies through emails from the Staff. If you are lost and don't know which agencies to choose, DEFINITELY go for them! Especially if you are a new client, you will be treated as a STAR! Thank you very much to everyone!

    thumb Silvia Balis
  • review rating 5  I had a complex medical document to translate from Spanish to English over the weekend. It was done promptly and efficiently, and the price was reasonable for the service given, which included careful checking that I was happy with they output. Excellent and I would use them again.

    thumb Barry Hedley
  • review rating 5  Excellent cooperation throughout almost 10 years. Very good communication with project managers, reasonable deadlines and rates paid absolutely regularly. One of my top priority clients! Thanks.

    thumb Yavor Popov
  • review rating 5  Here at ISO Quality Services, we certify Lingvo House Translation Services to ISO 9001:2015. As their account manager, I am always impressed with the reports that are sent back to me from the assessors. The management system is ran very well, with the assessors singing their praises at every review! It is a pleasure to deal with such a professional and well managed company.

    thumb Kate Roberts .
  • review rating 5  Excellent cooperation throughout almost 10 years. Very good communication with project managers, reasonable deadlines and rates paid absolutely regularly. One of my priority clients! Thanks.

    thumb Yavor Popov
  • review rating 5  Fantastic service - Lingvo House went above and beyond and we’re always there to answer any questions and accommodate any edits we needed. Highly recommended.

    thumb Regency Creative
  • review rating 5  Truly professionals,so quick and helpful;I cannot praise them enough.

    thumb Mariana Toma
  • review rating 5  They respected the timescale provided and the service was excellent. I can only recommend them.

    thumb Andrea F
  • review rating 5  Patrick Kirby quickly provided a high-quality translation of an important set of legal and financial documents. I also would like to acknowledge the brilliant customer service provided by Larysa Booth of the Corporate Project Management Team.

    thumb Takuya Shimada
  • review rating 5  Had a short document translated; service is very easy to use, quote available online, documents can be uploaded online. Translation was available on the same day, but for an extra fee; very efficient and friendly service.

    thumb Andrea Streit

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Lingvohouse brings you highest quality French-English-French documents translation service – benefit from years of experience in translation of all types of documents into/from French.

Why choose Lingvohouse?

Best Price Guaranteed

We guarantee to beat any other translation agency on price for the same service.


350+ 5 star reviews for our services & trusted by FTSE250 companies & top law firms.


10 years in business, millions of words translated & ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Turnaround in as little as 24 hours with our urgent services, even at weekends.



We provide services to business and the public.

If you are a private customer looking to translate something for private use, please see relevant information in the private client section.

How We Work


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Larysa Booth

Head of Corporate Projects

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If you are looking for regular translation provider, a very large volume, translation off CMS, specific format, extra urgent translation, or any other complex solution, please contact us today to see how we can help

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Business-level Security

All of your data and files are kept confidential and never shared with anyone. Our systems are secure & protected and we adhere to strict confidentiality NDA for every project.

French-English-French Translation Services

We act a translation services provider for major manufacturers Polyrey and Tesla Motors, we are a regular French Translation Service Provider to a Legal 500 Law firm Plexus Law, and we translate documents into/from French on a regular basis for other well-know firms such as DeLaRue.

Some examples of what we have translated in the past:

B2B French Translation Services

With 10+ years of expertise of professional French translation services for global brands & SMEs, LingvoHouse can translate quickly and accurately any business or technical materials.

Business & Marketing French Translations: Company brochures, product listings, presentations, accounts, heads, letters of intent, articles, financial & auditor’s reports, bank letters & statements, agreements, T&Cs, policies and etc.

Financial Industry French Translations: Investment memorandums and presentations, IPO documentation, financial agreements and contracts, tender documentation, financial and due diligence reports, and etc.

French Website Translations: All kinds of website, e-commerce, blogs, SEO keywords, Adwords keywords and etc.

French Certified Translations: company reports, incorporation documents, powers of attorney, legal and any other documents requiring certified translation.

B2B Translation Solutions

French Legal Translation

LingvoHouse offers Accurate & Fast Expert Legal translation services from French into English and vice-versa. We translate French legal documents both for business & the public. We also provide certification.

Legal Translation for Any Document Types: Witness statements, court decisions, claims packs, contacts, defence statements, etc.

See more about Legal Translation Services

French Translation Prices

Translation Services Rates are charged per word but the rate depends on many factors, that’s why we’d like to have a sight of the document rather than quote blind.

LINGVO HOUSE offers the best value for money service. Our prices are negotiable and we offer discounts for repetitions. There are no set prices, we price up each project to the best possible rate and we will try to meet your budget.

Cost to translate 1000 words of general simple text will start from £80+VAT and will go up depending on language pair, urgency, format, complexity and other factors. Cost to translate 1000 words on the Expert level of service will start from £110+VAT.

However, we do offer up to 70% discount for repetitions, hence the final price might be much lower if your document has a lot of the same content on some pages.

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French Website Translation

LingvoHouse brings to you highest quality French Website Translation & Localization Services – benefit from years of experience in professional French-English-French translation of all types of websites alongside with translation of keywords for AdWords an SEO campaigns.

With our well-knit team of professional technical translators and copywriters who are located in various time zones we can handle large complex French website translation projects in short deadline without the loss of quality.

See more on Website Translation Services

French Certified Official Translation

Lingvohouse is an ITI certified translation services agency. We provide officially certified French translation services for courts, law firms, solicitors, immigration & other advisors, and to public. Our French certified translation is recognized by immigration bodies & courts in the UK and abroad.

Whether you have a small document that needs French certified translation for your client, or a large bundle of court case documentation, LingvoHouse does certified translation for solicitors on daily basis and will be able to help even with the tightest deadline.

We also provide French Certified Translation for Public (diplomas, certificates, letters, and other personal documents).

See more about Certified Translation Services for Businesses

Translation Pricing

Basic Professional

when cost & speed is the priority
£0.08 from
  • Lowest price human translation
  • Fastest turnaround
  • Native speaker professional translation
  • Self-proofread &spell-checked
  • Quality control by PM
  • Translation Memory upon request
  • Basic formatting where possible
  • Certification if needed

We offer discounts for high-volume translation & repetitions up to 70%.

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Translation services FAQs

Translation services are priced per word as standard. Please use a Quote Form on the website or email us the files directly, this is the easiest way to get a precise quote quickly and free of obligation.

If you don't have files ready or if your enquiry is more complex, please email/call us to discuss how we can help.

We offer discounts for repetitions & volume up to 70% and will be happy to work out the best possible rate for your needs. If we quote without checking the files, the original estimate may go down by a lot if there are lots of repetitions, so we prefer not to quote blindly as you might get a wrongly high figure.

If you send us the files, we will calculate the wordcount & repetitions for you. Please see how we handle confidentiality here.

If you order is urgent, please email us ASAP and indicate the deadline you need the translation by. We offer same-day, over-night, next-day, 24 hrs, weekend and other urgent translation solutions.

There may be urgency surcharges for performing the work depending on the situation. We will quote the price including any urgency charges. We will email you electronic version by the agreed deadline.

You have a few options:

The easiest way to get a precise quote quickly is to send us the document via the web form or email, and we will calculate it for you free of charge.

If your files are in MS Word, Excel, PPT or other editable formats, you normally can see the word count in the file properties. However, what you can't see without special software, is if there are any repetitions. Repetitions are charged less (up to 70% discount), so the final quote might be significantly less than any blind estimate.

If you only have a non-editable format, i.e. PDFs, scans etc. you can still get an idea of the fee given the number of pages, whereby a full A4 page of a text document, normally contains about 200 words. However, this might change following proper wordcount analysis. Please send us the document via the web form or email and we will calculate it for you free of charge.

Note that if you insert a word count estimate and confirm the order, the project manager will contact you before starting the project if the word count is significantly different from what you indicated (either lower or higher).

Yes, we do have a minimum charge for small business orders, this is to cover up admin overheads, which is £75+VAT. We can go a little lower in exceptional cases: deadline, subject-matter & language pair permitting. If you have under 2 pages of text, this will most likely be a minimum charge.

We translate anything from court documents & product manuals to text off CMS & app commands.

We support all formats, including entire MS Office Pack, XML, Indesign, Illustrator, Adobe and many more. However, you will achieve the most saving if you provide the files in editable Word or Excel.

Yes, if the document it in editable format, the layout & formatting will be kept in place automatically free of charge.

If your files are non-editable, we will try our best to maintain the formatting where possible deadline permitting. Otherwise, if this is crucial, we will offer you an option of DTP work for a small fee.

As we cater to all business needs & budgets, we have three service levels on offer. Unlike many companies, we do not offer machine translation at all, and our starter "Basic Professional" Translation Level is already of a much higher standard than at other firms, as it's 100% human professional translation, performed by an established fully qualified & vetted native speaker translator with expertise in the subject-matter.

The difference between "Basic Professional" and the other two more sophisticated levels is that there is no second-stage checking, so the translator is proofreading after himself. However "Basic Professional" does work for many customers with tight budgets and/or non-critical documents, i.e. internal documents, non-publishing documents etc., or in case the customer has an in-house native-speaker to run a separate round of checks.

Unlike many companies, we do not offer machine translation at all, and our starter "Basic Professional" Translation Level is already of a much higher standard than at other firms. as it's 100% human professional translation, performed by an established fully qualified & vetted native speaker translator with expertise in the subject-matter.

The difference between "Basic Professional" and the other two more sophisticated levels is that there is no second-stage checking. However "Basic professional" does work for many customers with tight budgets and/or non-critical documents, i.e. internal documents, non-publishing documents etc., or in case the customer has an in-house native-speaker to run a separate round of checks.

The difference between "Basic Professional" and the "Expert" and "Business Critical" is that there is no second-stage checking. We do not recommend "Basic professional" if the translation is to be published, but it does work for many customers with tight budgets and/or non-critical documents, i.e. internal documents, non-publishing documents etc., or in case the customer has an in-house native-speaker to run a separate round of checks.

"Expert" translation is a fully finished translation solution with full revision by second professional translator & a further QC by one of the project managers. This works well for most expert content i.e. legal, medical, technical and other written documents.

"Business Critical" Translation Level was created to cater to marketing & publishing content and localization projects If you are translating a website, product-launch presentation, brochures, company documents, this is the best option we recommend as translation will not only be accurately translated but also styled as if it was originally written in target language, to adhere to on-brand messaging & target audience and to reproduce the voice of original (localization services).

It’s important that you understand that whilst translators are experienced in translating of subject-matter documents, they are translators after all - they will not be able to provide the same output as a Sales/Marketing/Legal/Finance professional would do. Translator’s service is not designed to replace the input of an industry specialist.

How are we different?

Members of Institute of Translation and Interpreting (UK), we are also ISO 9001:2015 certificated, LingvoHouse has 10+ years of experience and is one of the top-rated translation service providers in UK, that offers a full range of linguistic support and covers all languages of the world 24/7.

Incorporated in 2008, LingvoHouse celebrated it's 10 years in 2018 with over 300 raving reviews across the web, over 5000 happy customers. Today we translate over 10 million words per year, turning around over 150 projects a month.

With a database of over 4000 translators, and latest TM & project-management tools, LingvoHouse can handle deadlines other translation agencies cannot, at the same time we never use machine translation. With 24hrs, urgent & weekend translation available, we are able to process much higher volumes over much shorter timeframes if needed. Our PMs are passionate & willing to go the extra mile for when you needed it yesterday. We often help customers even on Sunday night!

We are one of the highest rated translation companies in London, and our reputation is of paramount importance to us, so if your deadline is not feasible even for a large team of human translators, we will not risk it and tell you "no" instead of overpromising and letting you down.

Yes, LingvoHouse is one of the few translation service companies in the UK that are members of ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) and also one of the few translation service providers in the UK to meet the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard.

Guarantees & Quality Assurance

Track record: we have over 10 years of experience as a full-scale translation services provider.
ISO certificated: our services are certified as per the ISO 9001:2015

Quality Guarantee: we do not cut corners in any circumstances. Our translation is 100% human native speaker, and translator qualification bar is very high. We do not work with students & graduates, only with established qualified translators, and in the unlikely event, you find translation below the standard, we provide a free translation review by another translator.

Deadline Guarantee: we like to underpromise and overdeliver. We won't take a project unless we are certain we can handle it in time and we do! In case of a rear force-major situation (translators are humans, as we all are) we will find a replacement quickly given our access to a large database of translators and big established teams in most common languages. Plus, in the unlikely event, we miss a deadline, we will discount the translation to make it up to you.

Trusted by many global businesses: we are happy to provide recommendations from our existing customers, to name a few: Tesla, Jet2, TUI, SONOVA, Marie Stopes and etc.

We guarantee to keep confidential all information and documents sent to us by the client and will not disclose any such information or the contents of such documents to any third party unless compelled to do so by law.

Our software is secure and we constantly monitor & improve the security of our email, server, website and the web-platforms that we use. If your files are extremely sensitive, we will be happy to accept them by your own secure link instead of email. For regular work, we will be happy to establish direct file exchange with the customer.

Placing order

If the project is very small (<2 pages), you can place the order online.
If all other cases, you will be provided with a quote and if you are happy with the offer, please confirm this to the project manager by email who will finalise the order for you.
For regular translation work, we will set you up as a client and you will get a dedicated account manager to handle your orders & account billing.

Projects can be cancelled at any time by email. If the translator has already started working on the file, then LingvoHouse will charge an amount equivalent to the number of words processed and will deliver the partially translated file in return. If however, your translation is very small, we might already finish the work by the time you send us a cancellation request.


If required, LingvoHouse will certify translations according to the UK standards as a default option. The translation will come on our official letterhead and include our credentials, details of the translator, confirmation that it is an accurate translation of the original document, our contact details, stamp, date and e-signature of an authorised official of our Agency.

We can also provide special certifications such as a notary, solicitor or sworn certification, but this should be requested separately before placing your order as it comes as an extra cost.

Delivery of Translation

Your translation will be delivered in electronic format by email either in MS Office format, or PDF if you require certified translation unless agreed otherwise. Please note that turnaround time is quoted for delivery of electronic copy only.

If you require a bound copy by post, we can post small documents free of charge via 1st class post after emailing you the electronic version. We are happy to post larger documents too if agreed beforehand.