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LingvoHouse brings to you highest quality Website Translation Service – benefit from years of experience in professional translation of all types of website alongside with translation of keywords for AdWords an SEO campaigns.

Our track-list includes multi-language urgent website translation for IT departments for national insurance company and one of the major players in logistics solutions industry as well as smaller websites (Education, Fashion, Finance, Retail etc).

Some examples of what we have translated in the past:

Website Translation Services

General Website Translation

  • native speaker professional translation
  • Ecommerce language translation
  • styling and editing to suit target audience
  • copywriter service to adjust translation
  • technical websites translation includes terms research
  • liaison with your IT team
  • post-implementation check-up
  • proofreading of existing translation

Supported Formats: Excel, Word, XML, HTML, and etc.

Translations of Keywords for SEO Campaigns

  • translation of keywords for SEO
  • translation of keywords for Adwords
  • multi-language SEO campaigns translation
  • project-management
  • post-implementation check-up

With our well-knit team of professional technical translators and copywriters who are located in various time zones we can handle large complex website translation projects in short deadline without the loss of quality.

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A properly translated website opens your website content up to the 80% of the world who don’t speak any English and the 93% who don’t speak English as a first language. If your customers, prospects or users don’t speak English as a first language website translation lets you speak to those people in a language they understand. And people are more comfortable doing business with you when they’re confident they understand the intricacies of your product or service in a way that’s only possible for most people by reading in their native language.

Costs will vary depending on the amount of copy and the source and target language. Either start a live chat, complete a quote request form or send us an email with your requirements for a quick price quote.

Google Translate has progressed considerably over recent years and continues to do so. But it has only recently started to look at whole sentences rather than single words. Although the latest version is better at getting syntax and grammar right it is still in its infancy.

Google Translate cannot cope well with colloquialisms. It therefore has no ‘feel’ for the everyday subtleties of a language. There are also issues related to technical information which Google Translate struggles with. In 2014 the British Medical Journal published a review of Google Translate which concluded it was only 57.7% accurate when dealing with technical medical language.

If managed correctly, translating your website into multiple languages should drive you more traffic from Google, because you have the opportunity to rank for keywords in other languages which you would never rank for with just an English-only website. Google publish some useful information for anyone looking to launch a multi-lingual website which you can see here.

If done properly the translation should be as accurate in what it conveys as the original. The whole purpose of professional website translation is to preserve the content and present it in another language with the minimum of corruption or distortion.

It is the language that should be translated, not the entire meaning of the website. There should be no reason to redesign the site in order to present it in another language. Images and other content should work in the same way. Some minor technical work may be required to enable your design to support right-to-left languages such as Arabic.

If done professionally there should be no problems in adding extra language options to your website. Many popular content management systems such as WordPress have plugins which make the process of uploading translated content and switching between language versions seamless for users. Most web designers will be familiar with customising a site for multi-language support and will be able to offer you a technical solution.

This will vary from website to website and depend on the content management system being used. Speak to whoever built or manages your website to get a better idea of what is involved.

This is another reason to choose a professional agency or translator. Our reputation depends upon getting translations right and we have various checks in place to ensure the accuracy of the text we translate for clients.