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Voiceover artists can provide a professional touch to a wide variety of multimedia projects, from e-learning modules and explainer videos to corporate presentations, video games and more. Our voiceover agency carefully selects artists, who can provide native accent foreign language voiceovers in over 300 languages. This means that if you need multilingual voiceovers, our agency can be your one-stop-shop.

We also provide voiceover translation services, so you can be sure that your project is communicated accurately and effectively to your target audience. Our professional voiceover agency won’t just allow you to reach a global audience – we will also help you create a more polished and professional final project.

How can a translation company deliver value for voiceover services?

Voiceover Solutions
for every customer

  • The choice between AI-generated or Human Voice-over artists
  • Professional voiceover solution to suit every budget
  • Customization options (native speakers, male and female)
  • Bespoke for your specific audience
  • Two revisions guaranteed to ensure full satisfaction
  • Speedy cost efficient service

AI and Human Voiceover Services

At LingvoHouse, we offer a wide range of AI and human voiceover services to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes. Our services include:

  • Script translation and localization prior to voiceover recording
  • AI or human voiceover recording in multiple languages and accents
  • Customization of voice speed, tone, and emotion
  • Audio editing and processing
  • Project-management & consulting

We understand the importance of accuracy and quality when it comes to voiceover services. That’s why our team includes professional linguists, sound engineers, the latest AI voiceover technology, and project managers who work together to ensure that every voiceover project is completed to the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Where AI voiceover technology comes at hand is when the service is needed at scale & speed. Each AI-generated voiceover will still be checked by a human linguist for the quality control purposes.

AI Voiceover

How can a translation company deliver value for voiceover services?

A translation agency that offers both human and AI voiceover services can provide several benefits to a company, including:

  1. Expertise: Translation agencies specialize in language services, including voiceover services, and have the necessary expertise to ensure that the translation and voiceover are accurate and appropriate for the target audience. They have a team of professional linguists, sound engineers, and project managers who work together to ensure that the voiceover meets the highest standards of quality and accuracy.
  2. Quality assurance: Translation agencies have a quality assurance process in place to ensure that the translation and voiceover are accurate and of high quality. This may include proofreading, editing, and revision processes to ensure that the final product is error-free and meets the client’s expectations.
  3. Consistency: Using a translation agency for voiceover services can ensure consistency in language and tone throughout a project. This is particularly important for large projects or projects that require voiceover in multiple languages or accents. By using both human and AI voiceover services, a translation agency can provide a more comprehensive solution that meets the specific needs of the project.
  4. Customizability: A translation agency that offers both human and AI voiceover services can provide a high degree of flexibility and customizability for businesses and organizations that require voiceover in multiple languages or accents. This can provide a more efficient and cost-effective solution than hiring separate providers for each service.
  5. Cost-effectiveness: While translation agencies may charge a fee for their services, they can provide a cost-effective solution for voiceover needs, particularly for businesses or organizations that need to produce voiceover in multiple languages or accents. This can be more cost-effective than hiring professional voice actors or setting up a recording studio.

Voiceover Service Plans

Voiceover Solutions

Choose between Economy or Premium level service plans to suit every type of project, or talk to us for tailored-made agile solutions.

For AI voiceover pricing see our AI-generated Voiceover service plans.


What are basic/ commercial/ broadcast rights?


Here’s a quick breakdown. For more specific concerns, please get in touch with us.

  • Basic Rights: the voiceover artist grants the client a perpetual, exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to use the voiceover for non-broadcast purposes (i.e. not for commercials, radio, television and internet commercial spots).
  • Commercial Rights: the voiceover artist grants the client, in addition to the basic rights, a license to use the voiceover for any promotional, corporate, and non-broadcast purposes, except for paid marketing channels (i.e. explainer videos posted to company websites, social networks or email campaigns, audiobooks, podcast intros, etc.).
  • Full Broadcast Rights: the voiceover artist grants you, in addition to the Commercial Rights, a license for full broadcasting, which includes Internet, radio, ​​and TV “paid channels” (i.e. television/radio commercials, internet radio, and music/video streaming platforms)
  • DISCLAIMER: All voiceover projects are subject to LingvoHouse’s T&C. Neither the voiceover artist nor LingvoHouse shall be liable for any claim or damages that may arise out of this license, the voiceover delivered, or your use of the voiceover delivered. No warranty, express or implied is provided. Our T&C strictly exclude any illegal, immoral, or defamatory uses of the voiceover.


Why do businesses need them?


To ​​own the work (for the period you need it for) and legally use it in all allowed platforms, in addition to preventing any lawsuits over copyright or ownership.


How does it work?


  • Request your quote
  • Receive your quote based on service needed
  • Choose your preferred voiceover artist for your project
  • Receive your voiceover recording


£20 p/min
  • For basic and commercial use
  • Voiceover by a professional artist
  • Basic and commercial rights fees may apply


£30 p/min
  • For broadcasting use
  • Voiceover by a professional artist
  • Broadcasting rights fees may apply

Subject to a minimum charge of £75+VAT. Prices may vary depending on the language requested. 



We deliver video and audio transcriptions in over 300 languages, which can then be translated into any other language of your choice. We work with some of the world’s leading brands, providing high-quality transcriptions and translations that allow them to embrace a global market. Rest assured that your message is accurately conveyed to your target audience in their native language. For bespoke on-demand solutions that cater to various business needs, talk to an adviser.

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For regular translation support, large projects, CMS, specific format or extra urgent translation, or any other complex solution, please contact us today to discuss how we can help in your native language (German, Spanish, English).

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