English to Welsh Translation Services Agency
based in London

Established translation and linguistic services provider Lingvo House offers a complete range of Welsh translation and interpreting services. Besides providing accurate English to Welsh and Welsh to English translations we can also translate Welsh from and to any of the world’s most commonly spoken languages. Whether you require Welsh translation for business or personal purposes, Lingvo House offers skilled and certified native Welsh-speaking translators. Combining their expertise with the latest translation technologies and practices, we can provide Welsh translations to the highest standards of quality, accuracy and reliability.

Lingvo House can undertake the translation of specialist documentation from and to Welsh, including medical, technical, financial, legal and commercial documents as well as web content and less formal texts such as correspondence, literature, press releases and suchlike. We can also provide Welsh interpreters for business meetings, conferences and similar gatherings.

With more than six years’ experience and the ability to call upon professional Welsh translators and interpreters as and when our clients need them, we can be entirely flexible to requirements and accommodate urgent or last-minute Welsh translation tasks as necessary. Regardless of the nature or size of a Welsh translation project, the expert translators at Lingvo House apply the same high-level attention to detail that results in an error-free and accurate outcome, yet always ensure that a client’s project deadlines are met.

If you’re looking for the highest-quality and most cost-effective Welsh translation service coupled with outstanding customer care, contact the friendly and expert team at Lingvo House and we’ll be happy to help with your requirements.

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