Ensuring Your Message Never Gets Lost in Translation

LingvoHouse is a world-class provider of professional audio-visual services. We specialise in helping clients from around the world communicate effectively across language barriers. Whether you need to translate audio for a corporate meeting or transcribe a video for accessibility purposes, our audio and video translation agency is your one-stop solution.

Our fast, affordable transcription and translation services are just what your audio and video production and localisation projects need. By always assigning your project to a linguist with field-specific knowledge, you can be sure that we’ll transcribe and translate your content using the appropriate terminology. We have extensive experience across a wide range of professional industries, including – but not limited to – law, medicine, finance, technology, and life sciences.


Our audio-visual transcription and translation services include:


  • Transcription

    We offer transcription services in more than 300 languages. When required, our audio and video translators can also translate audio from its original language to another language of your choice, while maintaining the original meaning and context.

  • Subtitling

    We transcribe and translate audio to text so that your content is accessible to all. Our subtitling services include closed captioning and subtitle translation services that meet your unique requirements.

  • Voiceover

    As a leading video and audio translation agency, we provide multilingual voiceover services for any type of project. We work with a large network of talented native-level voiceover artists who know how to add a professional touch to your multimedia content.

Communicate Any Message

In an increasingly globalised world, localisation has never been more important. LingvoHouse delivers localised content that speaks to your target market in their native language.

Thanks to our accurate, reliable and contextually appropriate audio and video translation services, you can rest in the knowledge that your multimedia content is accessible to the people who need it.

Benefit from native-level linguists who facilitate short turnaround times without ever compromising on the quality of translation. We’re proficient in over 300 languages, which means we can reach your audience regardless of their dialect.

Our video and audio transcription services are both quick and accurate, utilizing professional native-speaking transcribers. Thanks to a highly versatile team, we can provide expert transcriptions from any type of source, including meetings, conferences, phone calls, interviews, and seminars.

Whatever your field, we can assign a transcriber with the requisite subject matter knowledge to ensure your transcription uses accurate terminology that’s consistent with your industry.

Our 24/7 customer service is always on hand to answer any queries you may have. Make an enquiry with us today and we’ll get right back to you with a quote and turnaround estimate. Upon acceptance, we assign you a project manager who’ll oversee your project from start to finish.

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Transcription Services

Same Language Transcription Solutions

As a specialist transcription agency, we provide highly-accurate transcription services, led by a team of professional native-level transcribers. We support businesses across a variety of industries to transcribe audio and video content into text format. Our audio and video transcription services allow every voice to be heard no matter the language by eliminating communication barriers within your business operations.

LingvoHouse offers comprehensive transcript translation solutions for clients in a range of sectors. In an increasingly interconnected and globalised world, businesses that can remove barriers of communication with international clients, employees, and business partners have a clear advantage.

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Transcript Translation (Transcription + Translation)

Whether you’re looking to take your marketing campaign worldwide, or simply want to ensure that all your employees can easily access company communications, our audio and video transcription agency is here to help you achieve your goals.

We deliver video and audio transcriptions in over 300 languages, which can then be translated into any other language of your choice. We work with some of the world’s leading brands, providing high-quality transcriptions and translations that allow them to embrace a global market. Rest assured that your message is accurately conveyed to your target audience in their native language.

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Subtitling Solutions

Agile subtitling solutions from an expert agency

Our comprehensive subtitle translation services deliver highly-accurate subtitling in any language, for any type of project. Leverage a team of expert video subtitle translators with extensive experience providing all types of subtitling services, including foreign language subtitling, multilingual subtitles, and closed caption translations.

As an accomplished subtitle translation agency, we can translate SRT files or any other type of subtitle file you require. No matter the size or scope of your project, trust out closed caption translating and subtitling experts to help you reach a wider audience and ensure that your content is accessible to anyone in any language.


Voiceover Services

Multi-lingual Voiceover Services

Voiceover artists can provide a professional touch to a wide variety of multimedia projects, from e-learning modules and explainer videos to corporate presentations, video games and more. Our voiceover agency carefully selects artists, who can provide native accent foreign language voiceovers in over 300 languages.

This means that if you need multilingual voiceovers, our agency can be your one-stop-shop. We also provide voiceover translation services, so you can be sure that your project is communicated accurately and effectively to your target audience. Our professional voiceover agency won’t just allow you to reach a global audience – we will also help you create a more polished and professional final project.

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