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Reach out to us for an accurate quote for the translation of documents and files. Be it a one-off document or an ad-hoc project file, no need to overcomplicate it. Fill in the Quote form and a member of our expert Sales Team will reach out with pricing in a juffy.

We offer up to 70% for repetitions meaning that if there are repeating sections of text in your documents you will only be charged a fraction of cost for them. Translation Recycling technology powered by our latest Translation Memory tools makes identifying those quick and easy for us, therefore we are passing the benefit on to the customer.

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LingvoHouse offers global translation services to clients from a range of industries, meeting the need for high-quality, precise translation and localisation. We remain committed to our promise by leveraging the power of the latest technology, combined with skilled professional translators and agile workflow processes to guarantee customer success.

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Be it simple email to reach out with a new document to translate or a regular process to put project content into translation process via our customisable portal, rest assured we can tailor the ways you connect to us as you like. Our intuitive client portal allows your team members to upload documents to translate and track their status in real-time.

If you want to go to the next level and enable a continuous localisation process, our Translation Memory System has ways to enable use of 100+ pre-built integrations including Zapier and we can open API for you to use.

Enjoy our reinvented translation process, automate translation tasks without exchanging tons of emails.

Tailored Client Portal

This technology-driven solution streamlines the onboarding process and minimises the time to market.

  • Intuitive interface, fully customised to your needs
  • Complete visibility and access to translation data progress
  • Instant completion notifications
  • Transparent costs available immediately
  • Full training for your team and 24/7 assistance at no extra cost
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Swift Assignment of Experts

Once you’ve submitted your request, your project swiftly makes its way through our seamless, AI-powered workflow process under the supervision of a dedicated Project Manager. The requisite number of qualified human translators are automatically assigned to the project based on suitability and industry experience, guaranteeing impeccable quality of work.

Efficient, Reliable, Human Translation. Powered by CAT tools.

We harness the latest translation memory technology to ensure accuracy of translations as well as consistency of terminology and formatting. Our Project Managers employ the best Translation Memory tools to empower human translators for rapid output times that meet deadlines.

Feature-rich translation tools that empower

Translation memories technology that comes with our TMS allows translators to boost their productivity and consistency by storing translated segments and reusing them for identical and similar source texts. PMs can configure translation memories and share them across different projects.

LingvoHouse’s CAT (“computer-assisted translation”) editor combines a unique mix of features designed to help translators boost their productivity and ensure a high quality of services. LingvoHouse’s TMS makes work easier and faster for linguists by offering them powerful, intuitive and free-to-use technology. A CAT tool splits the source text into segments and saves each translation into a translation memory. The stored translations can then be reused to save time and ensure consistency. Glossaries, QA checks, and machine translation offer additional efficiency. CAT tools are designed to work with text-based documents in formats like DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, etc. However, images and PDFs containing machine-readable text can be recognized and then imported into the CAT environment for translation as well.

Translation Memory, Glossaries, Pre-translation, In-context translation, AI-powered Quality Assurance to add human project-managers, Placeholders and other cutting edge tools empower us to produce the highest quality downloadable human translations in just a few hours.

Flexible Translation Approaches.

We are capable of undertaking translation projects directly on your website’s content management system (CMS). Our team can either log-on to your system and carry out the translations directly on your site; or install a bespoke plugin, which integrates your CMS with our translation tool. This enables us to conduct the translation on our system and then directly update your site.

Go further with integrations

Connect to our Translation Eco-system via integration available in over 1000 common business apps, including website CMS, file storage, email, project-management & file editing apps to eliminate countless emails and hours of project-time waiting for a quote.

With integrations, when a file is uploaded at your end, we get the project automatically created in our Translation management tool. You will also see the project in the list of orders in your secure client account.

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Tools that help to scale capacity at the snap of a finger

LingvoHouse has a strong database of translators who can be assigned to your projects with a single mouse click.

Built on over 30 years of research and development, SDLTrados translation solutions help agencies meet the increasing demand for multilingual content, manage complex localization projects and share translation assets globally with vetted translators.

Trados funtionality gives agencies industry-leading computer assisted translation (CAT) solution, powerful translation memory technology which helps keep the cost of translation down, translation quality and consistency management tools & client files integration tools.

All-in-one platform connecting businesses and translators into a streamlined content delivery loop. Smartcat streamlines & optimises project-management processes by enabling us to allocate projects to carefully pre-selected translators in a matter of minutes.

As we handle a large number and variety of files and projects daily. memoQ is one of the leading technologies on the market to help LPS by providing a collaborative translation environment that facilitates and speeds up translation processes with advanced features.

Poedit is a tool to connect client’s developers to our translators. It was built to handle translation using gettext (PO), which is used by many PHP projects (Drupal, WordPress), Python projects (Django), or virtually anything running on Linux.

Get your software localised faster and cheaper with Poedit’s accurate pre-translation and intelligent suggestions, coupled with out human translators post-edit to ensure appropriateness of translation to business purpose.

ABBYY is a market-leading licensed OCR tool that helps convert scans and PDFs into an editable files for translators to work in, without loss of data confidentiality. Integrated with our files analysis tool it helps us come up with the most accurate quotes and stay on top of competitors.

InDesign is the industry-leading layout and page design software for print and digital media. Helps us to maintain origial file formatting of non-editable content such as PDFs when translating marketing content, product packaging, catalogs etc.

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  1. What kinds of technologies and tools does LingvoHouse use for its language services? We use a wide range of technologies and tools, including AI-powered translation, CAT tools, and TMS platforms, to deliver high-quality language services. These tools help us streamline the language services process and ensure accuracy and consistency in every project.
  2. How does LingvoHouse’s technology ensure the accuracy of translations? Our tools and technologies use state-of-the-art algorithms and machine learning techniques to improve translation accuracy and reduce errors. Our process includes multiple quality checks at every stage to ensure that the final product meets our clients’ requirements.
  3. Can LingvoHouse’s technology handle multiple languages and formats, and how does the workflow look like? Yes, our technology can handle multiple languages and formats, from text to audio and video content, making it easy for you to communicate with your global audience. Our workflow includes an initial consultation, project scoping and assignment, project management, translation and editing, quality assurance, and delivery, all of which are supported by our advanced tools and technologies.
  4. Can LingvoHouse’s technology integrate with my company’s existing technology stack, and what is the process? Yes, we offer API integration for our technologies, enabling seamless integration with your company’s existing technology stack. Our process includes consultation and analysis of your existing technology, and then customizing our tools and technologies to meet your specific requirements.
  5. How does LingvoHouse ensure data privacy and security for clients throughout the workflow? We take data privacy and security seriously and have strict protocols in place to protect our clients’ data, including encryption, firewalls, and access controls. Our process includes signing NDAs, ensuring GDPR compliance, and providing ongoing security training to our team.
  6. How does LingvoHouse ensure quality control for its language services, and how is this integrated in the workflow? We have a team of experienced linguists and project managers who work together to ensure the highest quality of our language services and conduct quality checks at every stage of the process. Our process includes in-house and external review, ensuring consistency, and meeting client feedback.
  7. Can LingvoHouse’s technology help me save time and reduce costs, and how does this fit into the workflow? Yes, our technology is designed to streamline the language services process, enabling us to deliver high-quality services at an affordable price and with fast turnaround times. Our tools and technologies are integrated throughout the workflow, saving time, reducing manual effort, and delivering quality and consistency.
  8. What kind of support does LingvoHouse offer for its technology services, and how does this help the workflow? We offer ongoing support for our technology services, including 24/7 customer support and training for our tools and technologies. This support is integrated into the workflow, providing assistance to our clients throughout the process.
  9. Can I get a free trial of LingvoHouse’s technology services, and how does this fit into the workflow? Yes, we offer free trials for our technology services, enabling you to experience our tools and technologies firsthand and see how they can benefit your business. Our team will guide you through the workflow, and provide assistance in setting up, running and monitoring the trial.
  10. How do I get started with LingvoHouse’s technology services, and what is the process? To get started with our technology services, simply contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss your specific needs and requirements. Our process includes understanding your project, offering customized tools and technologies, and defining the workflow that best meets your project requirements. We will guide you through the process and help you achieve your language services goals.