Apostille Service: The legalisation of documents for use in another country – UK Apostille Procedure from £85+VAT

Legalisation of UK documents is required when you intend to use you British documents and/or their translations in another country that this a member of Hague Convention. In order for your UK documents to be valid abroad in most cases you must certify your documents with a UK Apostille issued by the FCO.


Apostille Legalisation Options Available


I. Apostille directly on your British document:

If your document is an original document issued by a British Government Organisation bearing original signature of the officer, you can get an apostille directly on the document itself (for example, original UK birth certificate can be apostilled directly).


II. Apostille on the Notary Public Certificate:

Most commonly, if you are legalising a copy of a public document, or a public document lacking officer’s signature, or a private document (such as UK school diploma or a letter  or a power of attorney etc), the procedure will require an extra step, whereby a Notary Public certifies the document as a true copy and/or it’s translation, prior to taking it to the FCO for the apostille. FCO will not issue an Apostille on copies or translations without notarial stamp.

In any of the above option, if you require translation as well, this has to be ordered separately


What does an Apostille look like?


How long does the service take to get Apostille on my documents?

  • Non-urgent service is carried out by mail (we post the documents to the FCO for you and then they mail it back to us), therefore please allow 7-10 working days to receive the completed document – fees from £85+VAT.
  • Urgent service – 24/48 hours subject to availability of the notary if needed, please inquire below, from £135+VAT.


The total cost of the Apostille legalisation process depends on a few factors, most importantly how much time is available and whether a notary is required. Please use the form below to obtain an instant quote. 

If you are happy to process with the quote, please submit the form and a member of the team will get in touch with you by email with instructions on how to place the order.





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