Professional translation versus Machine translation

For those who are wondering if professional translation can be substituted by a machine or even Google translation, it may be useful to understand first of all what is machine translation and how professional translation providers use it noways. How does machine translation work and can it replace professional translation yet? The machine translations can…


Choosing Best Professional Translation Services Provider – Beginners’ Guide

Translation has always been around as a method of communication between people who speak different languages and they will in most cases have different cultures. In a wide range of different situations translation services are a very important service. These services mean that any text can be translated from one language to another without losing…


Why is the notary certification so expensive?

The notary certification, or notarised translation, is usually required if documents will be submitted to organisations and government authorities.

In Great Britain, notary certifications, or notarisations, are carried out by public notaries. Notaries are public officers who serve the public by taking affidavits, witnessing and authenticating the execution of certain documents and performing other official acts.